Let’s hope this one stays


The title says it all, really, hahaha! But ye, I’ve tried blogging back in the days. I used Xanga (still remember that? I think some people still use that..), Friendster, MySpace, Blogger and whatever blog hosts there is available then comes the new and hip Tumblr.. sure it’s fun and actually cooler than that of others out there but all that reblogging and stuff is kind of boring me now (as if nothing will ever be more boring than me, doi). So now I’m trying to start anew! Honestly, I’m not good with words but I’ll try my best so bear with me. With that.. I’ll leave you with a portrait of my toy poodle (Coco) sleeping tee hee (:


2 thoughts on “Let’s hope this one stays

  1. Nice blog, nice posts. :)

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