DIY: Feather Hair Extensions

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Birds of a feather, flock together!

According to Fine Feather Heads, who started this trend, feather hair extensions takes less than a couple minutes to put, with no damage to hair. And they can be brushed, blow-dried, straightened and curled!

(above photos via California Closet)

Jennifer Love Hewitt and Hilary Duff sporting the trend. Lav et!

Uhh.. how ’bout Steven Tyler? Rockstar waves, braids, feathers and raccoon tails?! I still think he’s awesome though..

Here are a couple of “How To” videos from our favorite YouTube gurus, Kandee Johnson and Mischelle Phan, showing us how easy it is to put feather hair extensions:

Have fun being all feathery and fabulous! Tee hee (:


One thought on “DIY: Feather Hair Extensions

  1. These extentions are great. i looked for hours for some just like these, but i couldn’t find ones i could striaghten for under $10. These are AMAZING. They came early and they’re just great. They’re insanely soft too. The only down side is that they’re thin, not the hair is thin but the width of the hightlight is less than an inch. They’re like 10 inches or so, so depending on your hair length they’re prefect.

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