Balayage and Ombré

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I want to liven up my hair.. how bout a little color? Hmmm… cos I’ve seen a lot of Balayage and Ombré on people especially Hollywood celebrities and they’re pretty! Makes me wanna color my hair even if I told myself before that I will never ever color my hair, ever, again! But if you know a nice salon where I can get my hair done, like they’re really good, please let me know (comment below)! So yeuhh….

Balayage is generally known as painting highlights onto hair. It’s a transition from dark to light without seeing any lines. While Ombré is also like Balayage but transition of color can be from light to dark as well with 2-tone dip dye effect.. it’s like your hair has grown out and you have done nothing to it.

(photos via Tumblr)

These hair-dying techniques are very popular now simply because its fashionable, low maintenance and budget-friendly. It’s for reds, blondes, brunettes, straight, wavy and curly hair. It also creates texture in your hair making it look a lot thicker (which is what I need)!

I love Lauren’s Ombré too!

(post inspired by Beauty Synergy)

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