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An update re: spilled coffee on my lappy. Not that anybody cares.. I just wanna rant.

So my pup got a text this morning from the Apple Service Center and said that their engineer is done with cleaning and drying my MacBook Pro, but there’s still corrosion on the logic board, top case w/keyboard and lcd display. The cost for repair is very expensive, it’s like buying a new one! P98,306.40 total!!! P56,025.60 for the logic board, P10,483.20 for the top case housing and P30,297.60 for the lcd. Kalurky! A little later after lunch, pup went to Apple to pull-out my laptop to get a second opinion from this repair shop that my friend suggested cos same thing happened with her and they only charged her more or less than P10,000.. But when my pup told them that he’ll pull-it out the Apple dude “silently” told my dad that he can do it for P20,000. My dad instantly said “no” and that he’ll just get it cos this repair shop can do it for P10,000. So the Apple dude said he can’t.. But then when my dad told him that he’ll give him P2,000 he suddenly replied ok and that he will check it with the technician.

In short, they agreed on P10,000 (repair) + P2,000 (Apple dude) + warranty will NOT be voided. Hayyy… People these days will do anything for money. But but but, I’m thankful for it cos I won’t be paying P98,000+ anymore plus I’ll get my warranty back! I hope they don’t mess with it tho.. Can’t wait to get my lappy back!!! On second thought, not having a laptop for a few days is pretty liberating hahaha (:


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