Hair Problems


..well my hair isn’t really the problem. I’m just bored with it. It’s always been super long and now my parents told me that I look like a manang (old woman) I decided to get a trim the other night.. chopped 5inches off my locks!

YES, again, that’s my REAL hair color. I grateful that I’m blessed with such pretty hair color haha I don’t need to dye it or whatnot (: Now my hair is super fine and naturally curly like afro curly when I was a kid but idk what happened lol it does curl sometimes tho.. will post my baby photos when I find them. It’s somewhere hidden in the boxes.

 So ye… I decided to cut my hair short later for a change. Besides, it is just hair. It will grow back, right? Hihi that’s my “goodbye sex hair face” (more of I look stupid face)


So here are my short hairstyle picks:

Which will it be?


5 thoughts on “Hair Problems

  1. Very nice hair, you should be proud of having taken such good care of it!

  2. Ok, Love, I know you said you were kidding but that blond pixie is very becoming on you. Good for you for taking a nice virtual makeover pic; mine always look horrible.

    • Aww thanks so much! I’ve had lost of horrible virtual makeover photos.. it took a lot of shots for me to come up with a decent one haha! Just keep on trying and you’ll get that perfect virtual makeover photo soon! xoxo

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