I am in rage!

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Sorry but I just have to let it out. Mute, block or delete me.. I don’t care. This is a follow-up on my “Saturday Night” post. Exit this page if you don’t wanna hear me rant at all. Please and thank you!
So PJ Lanot messaged me last Saturday and wasn’t able to read it ’til this afternoon and of course my initial response was to reply, but when I was bout to send my message this note popped out “Send Failed: That item has been deleted..”. I tried searching for this person on Facebook, can’t find him even Brgr Burger Project’s page. But my friend told me she can view their page and they have mutual friends and that her friend knows PJ Lanot. In short,PJ Lanot and Brgr Burger Project blocked me! Can you believe that?! First off, why would you message me and then delete the message right away? Do you really give a damn? Don’t hide and put up with your employees’ fault! Instead, you should be doing everything you can to satisfy your customers and see what you can do to improve your service. People won’t go back to your burger joint if you’ll tolerate this kind of attitude. The customer is always right! Word of mouth, bad news travels fast and it can be hard to stop.


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