Saturday Night


FINALLY, we all had the time to go out, eat and catch up! I missed my kada so much!

Brgr Burger Project (at Maginhawa St.) is the worst and has the worst employees ever!!! Seriously. Y’all need to train your employees. They’re very unorganized and impolite! Dining at your place last night was a big mistake. Food wasn’t that great too. The burgers were not cooked well, kinda raw actually! The wings were “Are these really buffalo wings? It’s like chicken drowned in sauce!“. Not to be mean (I know I already am) hahaha but it’s really funny that their “special sauce” is made up of ketchup and mayo. One thing, one thing that really stood out was the mozzarella sticks. Surprisingly, that was the only thing that I really liked. It’s not wow but it’s good. NOW the employees, let’s talk ’bout them, we know you’ve worked all day.. don’t put it out on your customers! When we’re asking nicely, answer back nicely with a smile! And we all paid at the counter (pay as you order policy), y’all were the ones who dint give the right change and receipts. And y’all dint want to apologize for your actions?! TAKE NOTE: They were the ones asking us to apologize. US, THE CUSTOMERS, WHO WERE NICE AND EXPLAINED WHAT THEY DID WRONG. GOD, I AM FURIOUS! Guess y’all can consider this as a bad bad review. Never going back to that place, EVER!
ps: I left a comment on their Facebook page and they deleted it.. and deleted me!
Might look yummy in the photos but it’s disgusting!
Woosah…. breathe. Hahaha! To brighten up this post a bit, Moonleaf Tea Shop (at Maginhawa St.) is a nice place where you can hang-out and talk with friends. Went there and the place was packed and full of positive energy, I LIKE! The cute bright interior is a plus too! Winter Melon Milk Tea is my new fave drink now! (: After some tea, we went to JP’s to chat some more.. Ken introduced us to his “yucktail” as Paula described it to be a mix of Red Horse beer and Emeprador Light. Dint get to taste it though cos I’m under antibiotics due to my minor surgery, got my 4 ear piercings stitched up. If you want yours to get done too, just let me know.. I’ll give you the number of my cosmetic surgeon. The procedure took only about 30mins and it’s pain-free! He has super gentle hands (:
So ye.. scroll down for the photos.


4 thoughts on “Saturday Night

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  2. Burger looks yummy naman, except for the ketchup mayo dressing they put. haha! Mozzarella sticks look good too.

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