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Carlo and I had a long day yesterday and were just starving and craving for some good ramen. It was also raining, perfect ramen weather, so we opted to try Konbini Store, a Japanese convenience store (conbini) stocked with a wide array of prepared food and snacks, beverages and guess what.. they have a mini resto/take-out-counter inside the store! You can shop or look around while waiting for your food. I know it ain’t Shin Sen Gumi (in California) but we were curious if it was as good..
So ye, as soon as I got off the car I took my camera out to take a photo of the store’s exterior but manager approached me and said “NO PICTURE PLEASE!” of course me, being makulit, I just had to hihi! Here are my stolen shots :P

I had Shoyu Ramen (roast beef in soy based soup).

Le boyf had Miso Ramen (it’s the same but in miso soup).

And some California rolls..
Good but hella expensive ice cream! Cost me P150.00 for that bar! Note to self: ask/pay before eating straight from the freezer!


The food was alright. A bit pricey tho but I can live with it. Shin Sen Gumi’s Hakata Ramen is stil’ the best for me!!! Tried the Ramen Bar in Eastwood before, it was ok too. But ye, will try other ramen houses here in Manila and hope to find a close match to Shin Sen Gumi’s.
Konbini Store
57 Connecticut St., Northeast Greenhills
San Juan, Metro Manila, Philippines
Phone: (+632) 722-4263
Open from Monday-Sunday | 11am-8pm, 9pm at some days

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