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At Fiamma dressed as a Zombie Arresting Officer.
With Minnie Mar and my scary killer clown sister, missing the rest of the Misa clan. Misa-Gallardo reunion?! lol

Cousinsss! Koko’s in Manilaaaa! Home for the holidays (:

with my “twin” Paula as the sexy French maid

Brotha the Burglar

Soon our baby sister (Bel) will join us, two more years girl!

with Ral, Iz went missing :( will grab photos from you instead lol

I had fun last night.. but not as much cos le boyf’s at work (boo). How’s your Halloween so far?

Costumes from Halloween Costumes (me, Clai and Eric’s) and Duchess Sexy Costumes (Minnie Mar) | Make-up by yours truly.
I used: MAC Studio Fix Fluid foundation (NC20), MAC Blush Baby blush (contour and blush), Benefit Hoola bronzer (contour), Too Faced Shadow Insurance eye primer, Coastal Scents 88 Color Palette (red, brown, black, navy-purple, lightest pink for highlight), Andrea Lash Grip eyelash glue in Dark for the wounds, Kryolan fake blood, Ardell Demi lashes, L’Oreal Voluminous Carbon Black mascara, Etude I’m Fine pen liner, Urban Decay 24/7 liner in Zero (tightline), Tarte Matte Lip Stain in Nude, FreshLook Dailies green contacts.
ps: if you’re ordering online, use JohnnyAir!!! Customs here sucks!

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Japjap for Dindin (lame title)

Was supposed to meet up with my friends last night but only one couple showed up hahaha! Thanks Pau and Ken! And as always we were sabaw the whole time. You two are amaziiiiing! We had dinner at Omakase (Il Terrazzo, Tomas Morato) btw. See you again, tonight? With everyone present I HOPE.
Carlo and I only had Philadelphia Maki, Gyudon and Ebi Tempura cos we wernt that hungry. It’s amazing how my 7year-old 5megapixel digicam can capture decent photos still. But ye.. I seriously need a new case for my Lumix GF2 so I can carry it inside my bag without worries.

After dinner, le boyf and I went to Shine Korea to get his dose of (yucky) banana milk. Sorry love, I really hate the taste! It’s like you’re drinking Juicy Fruit gum or Runts banana candies. EWWW (lol meanie). He forced me to take a sip so I forced him to drive me to Kryolan at The Block so I can pick-up my fx blood, hah. :P Cost me Php 550.00/50mL of blood, pwede nadin. Kryolan is way wayyy cheaper in the US still but I have no choice if I really want a nice fx blood –go lang! (will post the photo later tee hee)
On a super layo thought: I am so excited for Halloween!!! Bummed that idk if Carlo will join us though cos of his work. BOO! So ye.. What will you dress up as for Halloween this year?! I think I’ll dress up as a Zombie, Police and/or a Vampire (again, 2009). Let’s wait and see…

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Project Katipunan: Hassan Kabab and Steaks Shawarma

Carlo and I decided to dine and blog bout the restos along Katipunan and Katipunan Extension even if it’s turo-turo! We dub thee “Katipunan Project” (lame I know). This will be fun! And hopefully I gain a few pounds from it hahaha! First stop, HASSAN!
This little Persian and steak place is located along Katipunan Avenue beside the famous Country Side eatery (hmm made me miss their BBQ and Kalderetang Kambing!) so ye.. their food is pretty good ah! Cheap too! I love their yogurt shake and ox brain, it’s not malansa like the ones in Behrouz and Mister Kabab. But Behrouz’s koobideh and rice still wins talaga! Will go back to try their sizzling plates etc. and let you know what we think. With that, I’ll leave you with a few photos taken from my digicam.
Happy eating.. happy tummy y’all!

Basket full of condiments!

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Thirstday with my Girls!

Much needed night out with my girls and def needs a repeat! We had dinner at Buffalo’s Wings N’ Things at Home Depot Ortigas, drinks at Bugsy’s City Golf then we got hungry (again) and met up with ze boyfs at Mister Kabab West Avenue.. got home around 2-ish. Wish we could do this every week or at least once a month; taking a time off from everything. LOVE MY GIRLS! (used my trusty digicam cos everyone was lazy to bring a bulky one hihi and this is just a photodump post)

Thanks Mr. Ryan (Manager) for the free Graham crusted NY Cheesecake ice cream! Thought he’ll give us only 1 serving but he gave us 4 hihi! Now that’s good service and marketing!

Soooo MySpace!