Fiamma and Casino Wars

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I’ve been MIA for some time now.. my apologies. Caught up with a lot of things lately (always pft). Can’t post or write anything that much so I’ll just leave you guys with a crappy photo dump of what I did last Saturday…
Marquis (Misa) invited me and my friends at Fiamma for Stereo Static Saturdays and it’s been weeks (or months?) since I last went out and boy did I miss it! But before going to Fiamma, Carlo and I went to my Tita’s birthday celebration at Outback Steakhouse, Libis. The food was awesome as always hihi!
A little past 10 at Fiamma.. more food c/o Pau and Ken hahaha! Delish! (‘cept for the pizza which was bland)
Around 1-ish or something.. we went to Resorts World to sober up a bit while playing my favorite game.. Casino Wars!!! And it was my lucky night! ps: I rarely go to the casino, like once a year.. every Halloween.. usually. BAHAHA! So ye, ended up getting home at around 3am. My parents dint even know I was gone ’til they called my sister! They thought I went home after I left my Tita’s party.. homebody talaga lol.
Hay, last Saturday was amazing.. I had so much fun! I can’t wait for this Thursday though. GIRLS night out! Much needed night ito talaga. NO BOYFRIENDS ALLOWED. :P

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