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SHOP DTF: Stila Ultimate Color Palette (SOLD)

A fun all-in-one palette with lip, cheek, and eyeshadows! The packaging is pretty sleek, with a see-through circle and square black packaging.
39 Eyeshadows (21g): There is a nice variety of shimmer and matte. The colors are mostly neutral, very toned down and great for everyday wear (or dramatic looks). There are browns, mauve pinks, purples, blues, grays, and greens.
4 Cheek Colors (13.6g): The blushes are sheer and blendable. The top 2 are pinks: one has gold shimmer and is more peachy pink, and the other blush has more of a silver shimmer. There is a light peachy-brown with shimmer, more for a highlight color. And a matte medium brown, more for contour/bronzer.
15 Lip Colors (5.6g): There’s a deep red to a cherry red, plums, orange/gold color, and nice pinky colors as well as a peach and brown. The colors are so gorgeous and pigmented!
For only P1499.00, you really can’t beat the price. I think it makes a great gift to anyone interested in makeup. AND IT’S STILA!
Feeling like Santa? Drop me a message if you’re interested! (: xx


Purple Panic

Cut and painted my nails just now. Cut it way too short tho.. kinda hurts lol. But would be weird having long neon nails.

What’s on your nails now?


Staple Lipstick

This is a blog response to Pika’s post.
I own a lot of MAC lipsticks but I’d say that my all time favorite would have to be Mocha (Satin). It is “peachy-yellow brown” as described by MAC with a creamy consistency and comes off very opaque, tends to look pink in certain lights though.. which is cool and pretty. I think it’s the perfect everyday lipstick for me cos it’s like my lips only better! It gives me a polished look even without make-up on and I love that MAC lipsticks are vanilla scented hihi!
Look how little it is.. It’s really loved lol!

What’s your favorite lipstick? Make a blog response!

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Bold Just Got Bolder

I can’t stop raving about my new phone on Twitter so here it is, the BlackBerry Bold Touch 9900!

Side by side with my old Bold 9000 (since 2008). You can see how damaged it is on the outside hihi. It was able to withstand dust, water and a 4-ft drop.. or more cos it sometimes flies in the air and bust open to the ground and parts are all over the place (ps: never went to a repair shop). Surprisingly it is still alive and working fine. That’s why I love it so much and waited for BlackBerry to come out with something awesome like it.. AND THEY DID!

Best of both worlds! Touch and Type!
Bold 9900(9930) finally offers some cutting-edge tech, and in an attractive package to boot but still keeping its classic luxurious design. Its 1.2GHz processor, high-spec touchscreen, brand new OS7 and HD video camera are all specs we never really expected a BlackBerry to have. Not to mention that it has the best keyboard ever! I love that they fused everything in the orignal Bold 9000 body but sleeker. Yes, there are not enough apps available but it is more focused on productivity and communication than wasting time. It’s the best BlackBerry I’ve ever seen and used. Period. Exclamation Point!
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