Staple Lipstick


This is a blog response to Pika’s post.
I own a lot of MAC lipsticks but I’d say that my all time favorite would have to be Mocha (Satin). It is “peachy-yellow brown” as described by MAC with a creamy consistency and comes off very opaque, tends to look pink in certain lights though.. which is cool and pretty. I think it’s the perfect everyday lipstick for me cos it’s like my lips only better! It gives me a polished look even without make-up on and I love that MAC lipsticks are vanilla scented hihi!
Look how little it is.. It’s really loved lol!

What’s your favorite lipstick? Make a blog response!

3 thoughts on “Staple Lipstick

  1. always love pink nouveau :)

    btw, please join my blog giveaway :)

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  3. when it comes to make-up and how should i wear it properly , you are the best,! with just reading your blog is like a tutorial 101 already. a big help ! i miss you and our extra curricular kalandian! lol

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