Ready to get Naked, again?


Yes, Urban Decay did it again! They’ve come out with Naked2! Another win or no? What do you guys think?

Comparison and Swatches

Naked (top) | Naked2 (bottom)
I think there’s not much of a difference between the two, personally, I like Naked more than Naked2 just cos Naked2 is all shimmer but the packaging, huge mirror, dual-ended brush and gloss are all great though! Overall, I don’t think I’d get this palette or need it since I’m already happy with my Naked palette. But for those who loves collecting Urban Decay palettes, I’m sure you won’t pass out on this one! This would make an awesome gift too. (:
(photos via Leesha XSPARKAGE and Karen MakeupAndBeautyBlog)
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2 thoughts on “Ready to get Naked, again?

  1. Ohh no. I have to have this. Oye. Makeup feign

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