Cha Dao Tea Place


Was so excited when Pup told me that our neighbor is putting up a tea place across our office and it took them a week or less to build it (I think)! Galing lang sa bilis! It’s super convenient for me cos I don’t have to drive to Congressional to buy milk tea but instead just cross the street (ingat nga lang baka masagasaan :/).
Cha Dao offers healthy and delicious drinks made with brewed tea and infused with milk and/or fruit flavors. Or you can have it plain if you want. You can add sago, nata de coco, popping boba, etc. also for a unique and refreshing drink you will definitely love and crave for!
Now, I am no tea expert and what not and I haven’t tried everyone’s Wintermelon milk tea, ‘cept for Moonleaf’s and Gong Cha’s.. in fairness, I think it’s good and I like that it’s not too sweet like the ones I’ve tasted already. I am excited to try their other drinks as well.. I saw that they have peach and chai. Those two are my top favorites, and Thai tea of course! Sidetracked: I’m lucky that le boyf makes a mean Thai tea. Don’t need to go to Bangkok for a real one, cos we have a huge bag of authentic Thai tea that our friend got for us hihi.
To end this (supposed to be just a short) post: Since Visayas Ave. branch just opened, they’re offering a free upgrade of your drinks and a cookie as a soft opening promo from Dec. 16-22, 2011. So come and visit Cha Dao Tea Place now! (or the branch near you)

2 thoughts on “Cha Dao Tea Place

  1. Great photos. Here on I have a present for you a Hermes Bracelet Collier de Chien.

  2. Love CDTP’s Green Tea. from Basic to Matcha, all are great… Excited to try the other flavors too.

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