Been MIA

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Hi my lovely readers, if there are any left since I’ve been MIA for a long, long time! It’s not that I have nothing to post but I’m just too lazy cos I feel like I’m always tired. But tonight, I feel so refreshed! And yes.. I’m wearing jammies in the photo hahaha! Reason why is cos I went to Belo Medical after work to pamper myself and had a body scrub; that short 45min sesh was really relaxing and I love how my skin felt after the treatment! So soft and smooth hmmm.. What a nice feeling! Also, the ladies were asking why it took me years to go back cos my last visit was back in 2004 (not sure or earlier than that?).. I just said I was too busy with college then. Hihi so ye I wouldn’t want to bore you with my story (boring myself already with my own story) but ye, you can always catch me micro-blogging on Twitter so do follow me there if you haven’t yet! (@trixgallardo) ‘Til my next post, I think it’s gon be a December-January Collective Haul and Gifts.. xx

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