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Originally wanted the bright blue or black one but they’re sold out on my size so I got this gray patent instead. Still beautiful tho.. it looks so clean and classy. I love it cos it’s not too high (2.5″). Something I can wear comfortably to work since I can’t wear my other sky highs; that would be too much of a hassle. Passed on getting this pair last year actually cos I thought new styles will come in after the holidays at Adora, but no. Anyway, no complains here since I got it for free! (technically not cos we spent so much last year and they gave us  P20,000 worth of GCs)

So ye, I also got a grayish black tapered trousers from Topshop cos it was on sale! Woohoo! And hopefully next sale season they include the jeans that I want (Baxter in burgundy and tan) hahaha I’m such a cheapo! :P

Oh.. today was super HOT and tiring! Really fun tho cos I got to stroll, shop, EAT and see Pau, Ken and Via. Here’s a short description of what went down: Home > Mercato > Bonifacio High Street > Fort Strip > Greenbelt > Bonifacio High Street > Home. Whew!

How did your Sunday or weekend went?


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