Makeup Blah (photo heavy)


Actually I’m a late bloomer in this area.. I started wearing makeup and getting interested with it when I was in college, junior-senior year I think. I wore makeup back then but not as complicated as what I usually do now.

Back in high school: My makeup kit was super small cos it fits my uniform pocket hahaha! I only have The Body Shop lip stain (the glass roller ball type), Clean & Clear blotting sheets, mirror and a Hair Doctor comb. I was going for the au naturale look. Chos! And the biggest mistake I did was I have super thin brows as it is and I over plucked them! IT WAS SO SAD AND UGLY! :(

That’s me and Katrisse during recess. And I can’t believe I’m posting old fugly photos -__-

In between.. Few weeks after my month long vacation in Boracay hence my super dark complexion. Di bagay!

In college: Same old, but I kinda learned how to fill in my brows and grew it out a bit.

Then my friend did my makeup and reshaped my brows..

After college.. I got addicted to watching makeup tutorials on YouTube! If I knew things i know now maybe there’s a big chance of not over plucking my brows then bahaha! But ye, have to live with it now.. thank goodness for makeup gurus!

So ye, that’s my story..

ps: here are some looks that I did after teaching myself how to put makeup lol

pss: first photo was the reason I fell in love with makeup, cos of Arvie, my fave MAC MUA (:

If you want me to recreate looks, just email me ( or tweet me! Will try my best to do so (:

2 thoughts on “Makeup Blah (photo heavy)

  1. I think it’s ok to have minimal makeup as long as you have beautiful skin (like yours!) maybe post skin care tips too:)

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