Can’t wait..

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Finally, my mum allowed me to pursue makeup artistry! Maybe a sideline to my usual but I’m still happy and really excited. I know you don’t need to attend makeup classes to be a MUA but I just feel like I need to.. yes, I’ve learned a lot thru YouTube, books, magazines and from other famous and upcoming MUAs but I think it helps set your standard too, don’t you think? And I know most famous MUAs still take classes up to now..

So ye, I’ve visited schools and looking for one that will fit my schedule since I work 6days a week so I prefer weekend night classes. So far there’s Maquillage Professionel (which is supported by Make Up Forever and they provide everything) and Makeup Design Academy (which is super convenient for me since it’s just 15mins away from my place, but I’ll have to provide for the makeup/tools/models which it not bad too).

Hmm.. idk. I’m happy, excited, nervous (idk why) and all that!

Guess, now I just have to sit down with my mum and take a pick. Any suggestions? Pros and cons? Violent reactions? Leave a comment below or tweet me, please! Thanks (:

Other makeup schools (that I know of): HD Makeup Academy | MUD | CAS | Suesh

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