Love my Travalo!


Last week I received this little thing in the mail and just couldn’t stop raving bout it. Finally, I have a perfume atomizer! Been wanting one cos I hate carrying a huge perfume bottle in my bag (hebigatin kaya!). Thanks so much to Keira Stocks (Marketing & PR Assistant of Travalo UK) for sending me this gift!

The one I got is the NEW Travalo Excel which is available in 10 beautiful colors to match different fragrances, outfits and moods. I believe they have other ones available, find out more here.


Refill on a flat surface. Remove the spray head from your perfume bottle. Place your Travalo upright on top of the nozzle peg, and repeatedly pump it up and down to fill. You can tell how much is in your perfume atomizer bottle by the fill level indicator window. Do not overfill!

* Travalo is aircraft approved, recyclable, and safe. No spills at all!

* You’re supposed to refill with the cap on but I dint have any problem with it off hihi :P

Available at They ship anywhere!

ps: Travalo runs a ‘Daily Spray’ everyday on their Facebook page which gives all who ‘like’ the page a chance to win a free Travalo! So what are you waiting for? Visit, ‘like’ and win a Travalo now! (:


2 thoughts on “Love my Travalo!

  1. I have the silver one. I want the pale pink also! <3

  2. OMG! I likeyy!! :) cute colors toooo!

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