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Hello, welcome to The Daily Trix Fix! (DTF)

My name is Trixie, 24 young and I am  an  Entrepreneur, MTRCB Deputy, avid blog reader which made me want to be a (self-proclaimed) Blogger and (part-time) Professional Freelance Makeup Artist but a Registered Nurse and Real Estate Broker by profession.. and only God knows what’s next!

My interest with makeup started back in 2009 (after college), you could say I am a late bloomer hihi. Taught myself through YouTube, reading makeup books and magazines, and talking to other makeup artists. But I felt that I needed more.. so I took up Beauty and Fashion Photographic Makeup & Basic Hairstyling at Makeup Design Academy which helped me a lot to overcome my fear. Fear of what, you say? I was afraid to step out of my comfort zone and to put makeup on others (seriously) cos they might not like what I did, I might hurt them (like in curling the lashes etc.) and whatnot. Thank God everything turned out well! And now here I am..

When I’m not busy running our family business I try to blog and give myself a creative outlet from my stressful life. DTF is a makeup and beauty blog that started April of 2011. I’m no pro but I try my best to give my readers something interesting to read. From time to time I may post a bit about fashion, lifestyle and my personal life.

DTF posts 100% honest reviews, sponsored or not, cos I want my readers to know the real deal and that my loyalty is to them (and myself, being a consumer). Also, reviews are based on my experience, whatever works for me may not work for you.

For any requests, inquires, features, or just about anything, please email me at dailytrixfix@gmail.com or just comment below any post and I will try to get back at you ASAP. You can also find me on Tumblr and Twitter.

So ye, join me in my little makeup world and have fun! (:

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