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“Da Best Ang Pasko Ng Pilipino”

ABS-CBN Christmas Station ID 2011
The song Da Best Ang Pasko ng Pilipino was written by Robert Labayen, with music composed and produced by Jimmy Antiporda for Star Records. It was performed by 11-year old Filipino-Canadian You Tube sensation Maria Aragon, together with the University of the Philippines Concert Chorus, and joined by more than a hundred Kapamilya stars from ABS-CBN Entertainment, News and Current Affairs ad Regional Network Group TV personalities, ANC and DZMM anchors; and Tambayan 101.9 DJs and kapamilya from The Filipino Community worldwide.
(1:38 Harvey Gana-Bautista, proud of you bebe boy!)

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At Fiamma dressed as a Zombie Arresting Officer.
With Minnie Mar and my scary killer clown sister, missing the rest of the Misa clan. Misa-Gallardo reunion?! lol

Cousinsss! Koko’s in Manilaaaa! Home for the holidays (:

with my “twin” Paula as the sexy French maid

Brotha the Burglar

Soon our baby sister (Bel) will join us, two more years girl!

with Ral, Iz went missing :( will grab photos from you instead lol

I had fun last night.. but not as much cos le boyf’s at work (boo). How’s your Halloween so far?

Costumes from Halloween Costumes (me, Clai and Eric’s) and Duchess Sexy Costumes (Minnie Mar) | Make-up by yours truly.
I used: MAC Studio Fix Fluid foundation (NC20), MAC Blush Baby blush (contour and blush), Benefit Hoola bronzer (contour), Too Faced Shadow Insurance eye primer, Coastal Scents 88 Color Palette (red, brown, black, navy-purple, lightest pink for highlight), Andrea Lash Grip eyelash glue in Dark for the wounds, Kryolan fake blood, Ardell Demi lashes, L’Oreal Voluminous Carbon Black mascara, Etude I’m Fine pen liner, Urban Decay 24/7 liner in Zero (tightline), Tarte Matte Lip Stain in Nude, FreshLook Dailies green contacts.
ps: if you’re ordering online, use JohnnyAir!!! Customs here sucks!

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Japjap for Dindin (lame title)

Was supposed to meet up with my friends last night but only one couple showed up hahaha! Thanks Pau and Ken! And as always we were sabaw the whole time. You two are amaziiiiing! We had dinner at Omakase (Il Terrazzo, Tomas Morato) btw. See you again, tonight? With everyone present I HOPE.
Carlo and I only had Philadelphia Maki, Gyudon and Ebi Tempura cos we wernt that hungry. It’s amazing how my 7year-old 5megapixel digicam can capture decent photos still. But ye.. I seriously need a new case for my Lumix GF2 so I can carry it inside my bag without worries.

After dinner, le boyf and I went to Shine Korea to get his dose of (yucky) banana milk. Sorry love, I really hate the taste! It’s like you’re drinking Juicy Fruit gum or Runts banana candies. EWWW (lol meanie). He forced me to take a sip so I forced him to drive me to Kryolan at The Block so I can pick-up my fx blood, hah. :P Cost me Php 550.00/50mL of blood, pwede nadin. Kryolan is way wayyy cheaper in the US still but I have no choice if I really want a nice fx blood –go lang! (will post the photo later tee hee)
On a super layo thought: I am so excited for Halloween!!! Bummed that idk if Carlo will join us though cos of his work. BOO! So ye.. What will you dress up as for Halloween this year?! I think I’ll dress up as a Zombie, Police and/or a Vampire (again, 2009). Let’s wait and see…

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Thirstday with my Girls!

Much needed night out with my girls and def needs a repeat! We had dinner at Buffalo’s Wings N’ Things at Home Depot Ortigas, drinks at Bugsy’s City Golf then we got hungry (again) and met up with ze boyfs at Mister Kabab West Avenue.. got home around 2-ish. Wish we could do this every week or at least once a month; taking a time off from everything. LOVE MY GIRLS! (used my trusty digicam cos everyone was lazy to bring a bulky one hihi and this is just a photodump post)

Thanks Mr. Ryan (Manager) for the free Graham crusted NY Cheesecake ice cream! Thought he’ll give us only 1 serving but he gave us 4 hihi! Now that’s good service and marketing!

Soooo MySpace!

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Fiamma and Casino Wars

I’ve been MIA for some time now.. my apologies. Caught up with a lot of things lately (always pft). Can’t post or write anything that much so I’ll just leave you guys with a crappy photo dump of what I did last Saturday…
Marquis (Misa) invited me and my friends at Fiamma for Stereo Static Saturdays and it’s been weeks (or months?) since I last went out and boy did I miss it! But before going to Fiamma, Carlo and I went to my Tita’s birthday celebration at Outback Steakhouse, Libis. The food was awesome as always hihi!
A little past 10 at Fiamma.. more food c/o Pau and Ken hahaha! Delish! (‘cept for the pizza which was bland)
Around 1-ish or something.. we went to Resorts World to sober up a bit while playing my favorite game.. Casino Wars!!! And it was my lucky night! ps: I rarely go to the casino, like once a year.. every Halloween.. usually. BAHAHA! So ye, ended up getting home at around 3am. My parents dint even know I was gone ’til they called my sister! They thought I went home after I left my Tita’s party.. homebody talaga lol.
Hay, last Saturday was amazing.. I had so much fun! I can’t wait for this Thursday though. GIRLS night out! Much needed night ito talaga. NO BOYFRIENDS ALLOWED. :P

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Weekend Roundup

Sorry.. been busy lately so I will just post a roundup of what happened these past few days :P
Aug. 19th: Went to Harvey Potter’s 8th birthday party

With my little boyfie, Joaquin (:

Aug. 20th: Watched Way Back Home with my parents and Bel. It was a nice movie and Julia Montes is an awesome actress. Could be the next Claudine Baretto..
Aug. 21st: Sunday, Family Day! We went to Tagaytay.. originally to watch my brother play at Splendido Golf Club but pup dint want to bother him so we had lunch at The Boutique then merienda at Antonio’s instead. I love Antonio’s.. the place is so beautiful and quiet. You really can relax and have fun with your family there! But make sure to call for a reservation first for a hassle-free dining experience.

Yummy waffles from Solenn Heussaff! YES!

If you love milk and other milk products.. you gotta try Mr. Moo’s!

Cos Carlo wants me to take a photo of his chucks haha, there. Arte.
Oh.. and an update on my Lash Experiment Week 2: decided to post the result on the 8th week instead since that’s what it says in the product description and I’ve noticed no significant change anyways. So just wait up for that post after the experience.
OOTD: Shirt dress, ZARA | hotpants, Topshop | Flats, Suelas | Bag, Chanel | Aviators, Chanel | Watch, Omega
Aug. 22nd: Since my parents dint allow me to stay the night at Casa Ibiza (Antipolo), Carlo had to pick me up after work… but ye, I had so much fun! We had an awesome time cos we were the only ones there, as in! I love Carlo’s officemates.. they are really nice and fun to be with! Wasn’t really gonna swim too but we were all drinking and it started raining so I asked one of his mates if she has an extra suit with her and she did so I borrowed it even if it’s kinda big hihi! Had the worst headache tho but thank goodness I woke up early for work today and was feeling fine.
Aug 23rd: Pilates Tuesdays was cancelled, bummer. Missed two sesh already. I feel really sloppy and guilty :( Guess I’ll just go to the movies with my parents tonight and do some Random Abs if I’m not that tired :P I know, I know.. My weekend wasn’t that interesting at all for some of you guys but I’m grateful and happy that I was able to spend it with my family since we rarely go out together. Hope y’all had a wonderful weekend as well and have a blessed week ahead!