Makeup Blah (photo heavy)

Actually I’m a late bloomer in this area.. I started wearing makeup and getting interested with it when I was in college, junior-senior year I think. I wore makeup back then but not as complicated as what I usually do now.

Back in high school: My makeup kit was super small cos it fits my uniform pocket hahaha! I only have The Body Shop lip stain (the glass roller ball type), Clean & Clear blotting sheets, mirror and a Hair Doctor comb. I was going for the au naturale look. Chos! And the biggest mistake I did was I have super thin brows as it is and I over plucked them! IT WAS SO SAD AND UGLY! :(

That’s me and Katrisse during recess. And I can’t believe I’m posting old fugly photos -__-

In between.. Few weeks after my month long vacation in Boracay hence my super dark complexion. Di bagay!

In college: Same old, but I kinda learned how to fill in my brows and grew it out a bit.

Then my friend did my makeup and reshaped my brows..

After college.. I got addicted to watching makeup tutorials on YouTube! If I knew things i know now maybe there’s a big chance of not over plucking my brows then bahaha! But ye, have to live with it now.. thank goodness for makeup gurus!

So ye, that’s my story..

ps: here are some looks that I did after teaching myself how to put makeup lol

pss: first photo was the reason I fell in love with makeup, cos of Arvie, my fave MAC MUA (:

If you want me to recreate looks, just email me (dailytrixfix@gmail.com) or tweet me! Will try my best to do so (:

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Valentine’s Day Makeup No. 3: Bronze (Olivia Wilde inspired)

Here’s my third V-day look! I tried to recreate Olivia Wilde’s makeup, of course we don’t have the same eye shape and I have no idea what products the makeup artist used on her so I made use of what I have. Guess you can consider this a “seductive” makeup look also lol (if only my hair was longer, damn miss my super long hair). But ye, hope y’all like it!

Requested by: Alexandra Florentino

THAT AWKWARD POSE! Just so the light won’t wash out the colors ! :))

Revlon ColorStay foundation (150 Buff)
Benefit Hoola bronzer
The Balm Mary-Lou Manizer highlighter
Garnier BB light eye roll-on


Too Faced Shadow Insurance primer
Naked palette
L’Oreal Voluminous Carbon Black mascara


MAC Dressmaker Dressmaker lipstick

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Valentine’s Day Makeup No. 2: Red Lips

Not much of a whole face look cos I was rushing home from work last night and needed to go to 4 different events and to look a bit done so I just tossed in some Andrea 120 Demi lashes, MAC Ruby Woo lipstick and light dusting of Benefit Hoola bronzer. Of course, I did line my eyes a bit to get that full lash effect and my brows!

Don’t you just love B&W? I DO. lol

I will try to post a couple more looks before V-day so wait up for those! (:


Valentine’s Day Makeup No. 1: Smokey Brown

Okay.. wasn’t planning on posting anything at all but I’m feeling a bit down. SO YE, hope you like it!

Nothing on my face, I only did my eyes and brows. I used Too Faced Shadow Insurance, Wet n Wild Vanity palette, Stila Smudge Pot and L’Oreal Voluminous Carbon Black mascara.


Xin Nian Kuai Le!

I was quite bored so I decided to make a Chinese New Year inspired look (chos). And yes, I am part Chinese but I don’t speak/understand the language hihi. So ye, I used a bright red eyeshadow and smoked it a bit with a navy-purple color. Hope you like this simple look, it’s pretty wearable too. Ya? lol
Kung Hei Fat Choi!
ps: Starting tomorrow, you can finally visit Iya Misa, Nina Lazaro Shoes and Love My Bags’ showroom at 225-G Katipunan Ave. Q.C. (beside Banapple). See you there!

Products used: FACE: Revlon PhotoReady (Nude), Garnier BB Light Eye Roll-on, NYX Red blush (cheeks), NYX Taupe blush (contour), The Balm Mary-Lou Manizer (highlight) | BROWS: Drugstore light brown eyeshadow, MAC Studio Finish concealer (NC20), ELF clear mascara | EYES: Too Faced Shadow Insurance primer, Coastal Scents palette, MAC Penultimate eyeliner, Urban Decay 24/7 Zero, MAC Fascinating eye kohl, Shu Uemura eyelash curler, Maybelline Great Lash BIG mascara | LIPS: Tarte Exposed matte lip tint

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At Fiamma dressed as a Zombie Arresting Officer.
With Minnie Mar and my scary killer clown sister, missing the rest of the Misa clan. Misa-Gallardo reunion?! lol

Cousinsss! Koko’s in Manilaaaa! Home for the holidays (:

with my “twin” Paula as the sexy French maid

Brotha the Burglar

Soon our baby sister (Bel) will join us, two more years girl!

with Ral, Iz went missing :( will grab photos from you instead lol

I had fun last night.. but not as much cos le boyf’s at work (boo). How’s your Halloween so far?

Costumes from Halloween Costumes (me, Clai and Eric’s) and Duchess Sexy Costumes (Minnie Mar) | Make-up by yours truly.
I used: MAC Studio Fix Fluid foundation (NC20), MAC Blush Baby blush (contour and blush), Benefit Hoola bronzer (contour), Too Faced Shadow Insurance eye primer, Coastal Scents 88 Color Palette (red, brown, black, navy-purple, lightest pink for highlight), Andrea Lash Grip eyelash glue in Dark for the wounds, Kryolan fake blood, Ardell Demi lashes, L’Oreal Voluminous Carbon Black mascara, Etude I’m Fine pen liner, Urban Decay 24/7 liner in Zero (tightline), Tarte Matte Lip Stain in Nude, FreshLook Dailies green contacts.
ps: if you’re ordering online, use JohnnyAir!!! Customs here sucks!

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Prince Noir

MAC Prince Noir is a beautiful deep dark burgundy.. very fall inspired. I lav et! The lipstick tube was damaged when it came but I dint care since it dint harm the product itself. To order, visit shophk.tumblr.com (:
PhotoBooth emote now! HAHAHA!