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Van Gogh is Bipolar (photo heavy)

Seeking for an extraordinary place at the heart of the Metro? Then Van Gogh is Bipolar is the perfect spot for you!
The owner/chef/server Mr. Jetro Rafael is bipolar himself and he sees his condition as a great blessing more than a doomed curse. True that! We enjoyed his hidden little place and I love that he’s not afraid to share his passion through art and cooking! VGIB serves 3 or 5 course meals ranging from Php666 – Php999 per diner. The place is exclusive to 12diners per night only so you really get to enjoy the place, vibe and food!
Each diner would experience a different feel every time you visit VGIB. His menu depends on his mood (and he can definitely cook) which makes you wanna go back again! Only a few knows about this place since there’s no sign outside and it’s only by word of mouth that people discover Van Gogh is Bipolar. I hope you enjoy this post and visit VGIB soon! Now let the photos do the rest of the talking shall we.. (clients downstairs hihi). As Jetro would always say, Nazdorovyeh!
ps: no shoes inside.
pss: VGIB also serves lunch on a shoestring budget and walk-ins are welcome from 11am-3pm.

Soup with dragon flower and walnuts (idk the name of the soup, sorry)

Chill: Lamb Ratatouille Pasta (my main course, it’s so good!)

Happy: Emperor fish with baked potatoes and mangoes (le boyf’s yummy dish, omnomnom!)

Desserts: Sinful (I got a shooter with cocoa and walnut and you have to say Prost! before you drink it) and Wholesome (for le boyf, macapuno ice cream with strawberry and walnut)

With the man behind all the awesomeness!
Van Gogh is Bipolar
154H Maginhawa St. Sikatuna Vill., Q.C.
Open: Mon 6-10pm | Wed-Fri 6-10pm | Sun 6-11pm
Contact Jetro for reservations +63922-8243051


Cha Dao Tea Place

Was so excited when Pup told me that our neighbor is putting up a tea place across our office and it took them a week or less to build it (I think)! Galing lang sa bilis! It’s super convenient for me cos I don’t have to drive to Congressional to buy milk tea but instead just cross the street (ingat nga lang baka masagasaan :/).
Cha Dao offers healthy and delicious drinks made with brewed tea and infused with milk and/or fruit flavors. Or you can have it plain if you want. You can add sago, nata de coco, popping boba, etc. also for a unique and refreshing drink you will definitely love and crave for!
Now, I am no tea expert and what not and I haven’t tried everyone’s Wintermelon milk tea, ‘cept for Moonleaf’s and Gong Cha’s.. in fairness, I think it’s good and I like that it’s not too sweet like the ones I’ve tasted already. I am excited to try their other drinks as well.. I saw that they have peach and chai. Those two are my top favorites, and Thai tea of course! Sidetracked: I’m lucky that le boyf makes a mean Thai tea. Don’t need to go to Bangkok for a real one, cos we have a huge bag of authentic Thai tea that our friend got for us hihi.
To end this (supposed to be just a short) post: Since Visayas Ave. branch just opened, they’re offering a free upgrade of your drinks and a cookie as a soft opening promo from Dec. 16-22, 2011. So come and visit Cha Dao Tea Place now! (or the branch near you)

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C’ Italian Dining

The hard downpour dint stop us last Sunday to visit Pampanga and dine at C’! It was worth the long trip! Food was awesome (don’t ask how much our bill was hihi) but you should definitely come prepared. I tell you, you get your money’s worth!

“World’s Famous Panizza!” Antonio Miguel

Panizza Nina

Perfect panizza roll!

Roberto pasta

Italian Sausages with red wine and sundried tomatoes

Crème Brûlée

..and the outtakes!

Alfalfa Mousproutache Challege!

Clai won of course! HAHAHA!
C’ Italian Dining (Chef Chris Locher)
1210 Don Juico Ave. (Friendship Road), Clark, Angeles, Philippines
Open: Mon 5-11pm | Tues – Sun 11am-11pm
Email: chefchris@c-italian-dining.com
Telephone: (045) 892-4059
Website | Facebook


A Milky & Sunny Sunday with Jamba Juice

Food Advenchurrrr with Pau and Ken at this new all-day breakfast and comfort food resto, Milky & Sunny! Need I say more? I do actually.. let’s do this quick tho cos it’s getting crazy here at the office.
So ye.. when you step in this little cute place you’ll instantly feel the coziness and smell the sweet scent of bacon and maple syrup! Hmm goodness, right! The chic and vintage vibe is so inviting plus it’s beside Moonleaf Tea which is super awesome! The food ain’t that bad, pretty good actually and priced reasonably too. I just wished they served the meals hot and on time; we waited like 30mins the least for our simple orders. And our servers weren’t that attentive that we have to follow-up every now and then and compute our own bill and hand it over at the cashier which kinda bummed us out.. other than that it’s all good! (:

After lunch, Carlo and I went to Jamba Juice!!! Perfect for the super sunny weather yesterday! Got Peach Pleasure cos I just love peach so much! It has peaches (of course), bananas, peach juice and orange sherbet! Very yummy and REFRESHING! Lav et! Then Carlo got the Protein Berry Workout, it’s a blend of strawberries, bananas, soy milk and Soy (or Whey) Protein Boost. Surprisingly I kinda liked his drink hihi.
Oh! Anne Curtis was there too with her friends and Jamba Juice Ambassador (and boyfriend) Erwan Heussaff. I was just in awe the entire time while waiting for my drink. She’s so beautiful! I was too shy to have my picture taken with her.. oh well.. More photos after this jump. Continue reading

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Big Bad Wolf

Last Saturday le boyf and I decided to eat at the newly opened resto Big Bad Wolf in Fort Bonifacio cos my sister said it’s a pretty nice place and the food is good (I bet cos of all the bacon in their menu lol). We got a coupon from Deal Dozen.. instantly the photos sold us cos the food looked yummy haha! And it’s always nice to try things.

The place was kinda hidden at the back of the building and made us feel like it’s a safe, secret place for everyone to hide out from the busy city. The ambiance and food were awesome! The potato skins is definitely our new favorite, nothing like Tender Bob’s thin potato skins (still love that tho). Love the interior too, very comfortable and cozy! More photos after this jump..

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