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Project Katipunan: Hassan Kabab and Steaks Shawarma

Carlo and I decided to dine and blog bout the restos along Katipunan and Katipunan Extension even if it’s turo-turo! We dub thee “Katipunan Project” (lame I know). This will be fun! And hopefully I gain a few pounds from it hahaha! First stop, HASSAN!
This little Persian and steak place is located along Katipunan Avenue beside the famous Country Side eatery (hmm made me miss their BBQ and Kalderetang Kambing!) so ye.. their food is pretty good ah! Cheap too! I love their yogurt shake and ox brain, it’s not malansa like the ones in Behrouz and Mister Kabab. But Behrouz’s koobideh and rice still wins talaga! Will go back to try their sizzling plates etc. and let you know what we think. With that, I’ll leave you with a few photos taken from my digicam.
Happy eating.. happy tummy y’all!

Basket full of condiments!


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Weekend Roundup

Sorry.. been busy lately so I will just post a roundup of what happened these past few days :P
Aug. 19th: Went to Harvey Potter’s 8th birthday party

With my little boyfie, Joaquin (:

Aug. 20th: Watched Way Back Home with my parents and Bel. It was a nice movie and Julia Montes is an awesome actress. Could be the next Claudine Baretto..
Aug. 21st: Sunday, Family Day! We went to Tagaytay.. originally to watch my brother play at Splendido Golf Club but pup dint want to bother him so we had lunch at The Boutique then merienda at Antonio’s instead. I love Antonio’s.. the place is so beautiful and quiet. You really can relax and have fun with your family there! But make sure to call for a reservation first for a hassle-free dining experience.

Yummy waffles from Solenn Heussaff! YES!

If you love milk and other milk products.. you gotta try Mr. Moo’s!

Cos Carlo wants me to take a photo of his chucks haha, there. Arte.
Oh.. and an update on my Lash Experiment Week 2: decided to post the result on the 8th week instead since that’s what it says in the product description and I’ve noticed no significant change anyways. So just wait up for that post after the experience.
OOTD: Shirt dress, ZARA | hotpants, Topshop | Flats, Suelas | Bag, Chanel | Aviators, Chanel | Watch, Omega
Aug. 22nd: Since my parents dint allow me to stay the night at Casa Ibiza (Antipolo), Carlo had to pick me up after work… but ye, I had so much fun! We had an awesome time cos we were the only ones there, as in! I love Carlo’s officemates.. they are really nice and fun to be with! Wasn’t really gonna swim too but we were all drinking and it started raining so I asked one of his mates if she has an extra suit with her and she did so I borrowed it even if it’s kinda big hihi! Had the worst headache tho but thank goodness I woke up early for work today and was feeling fine.
Aug 23rd: Pilates Tuesdays was cancelled, bummer. Missed two sesh already. I feel really sloppy and guilty :( Guess I’ll just go to the movies with my parents tonight and do some Random Abs if I’m not that tired :P I know, I know.. My weekend wasn’t that interesting at all for some of you guys but I’m grateful and happy that I was able to spend it with my family since we rarely go out together. Hope y’all had a wonderful weekend as well and have a blessed week ahead!

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Carlo and I had a long day yesterday and were just starving and craving for some good ramen. It was also raining, perfect ramen weather, so we opted to try Konbini Store, a Japanese convenience store (conbini) stocked with a wide array of prepared food and snacks, beverages and guess what.. they have a mini resto/take-out-counter inside the store! You can shop or look around while waiting for your food. I know it ain’t Shin Sen Gumi (in California) but we were curious if it was as good..
So ye, as soon as I got off the car I took my camera out to take a photo of the store’s exterior but manager approached me and said “NO PICTURE PLEASE!” of course me, being makulit, I just had to hihi! Here are my stolen shots :P

I had Shoyu Ramen (roast beef in soy based soup).

Le boyf had Miso Ramen (it’s the same but in miso soup).

And some California rolls..
Good but hella expensive ice cream! Cost me P150.00 for that bar! Note to self: ask/pay before eating straight from the freezer!


The food was alright. A bit pricey tho but I can live with it. Shin Sen Gumi’s Hakata Ramen is stil’ the best for me!!! Tried the Ramen Bar in Eastwood before, it was ok too. But ye, will try other ramen houses here in Manila and hope to find a close match to Shin Sen Gumi’s.
Konbini Store
57 Connecticut St., Northeast Greenhills
San Juan, Metro Manila, Philippines
Phone: (+632) 722-4263
Open from Monday-Sunday | 11am-8pm, 9pm at some days


Sunday Bakin’

Yesterday my boyf and I went to his cousin’s place to bake red velvet cupcakes hihi. Their dogs are the cutest and super playful! They have yummy names too: Pepper, Salami, Pastrami and Prosciutto! So ye.. the cuppies were yummy and I wanna make some more! I want a new oven and a beautiful kitchen.. someday. :) (Cutting this post short cos I’m sleepy already, so sorry!)

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What’s your Cookie Dream?

I know mine. A perfectly baked soft cookie filled with all my favorite candies in it! Imagine a cookie filled with Reese’s Peanut Butter, Hershey’s kiss, Truffles, Butterfinger, Chocnut and many more!!! I tell ya, that is the ultimate cookie dream! Hmmm.. cookie goodness, I feel like I’m Cookie Monster already hahaha! They’re not too sweet, too! Just right. No. They’re PERFECT for everyone!

What are you waiting for?

Order your fun-filled small sweet cakes that are truly like a dream!

THE COOKIE DREAM: Prices and Selections (6pcs)
Chocnut P135.00 | Reese’s Peanut Butter choco chip P175.00 | Hershey’s Kisses choco chip P175.00 | Hershey’s Kisses dark choco chip P175.00 | Butterfinger P175.00 | Hershey’s Cookies & Cream P200.00
Email thecookiedream@rocketmail.com or visit and like their Facebook page!
You can also call/text: (+632) 2164662 | (+63917) 8802608


Saturday Night

FINALLY, we all had the time to go out, eat and catch up! I missed my kada so much!

Brgr Burger Project (at Maginhawa St.) is the worst and has the worst employees ever!!! Seriously. Y’all need to train your employees. They’re very unorganized and impolite! Dining at your place last night was a big mistake. Food wasn’t that great too. The burgers were not cooked well, kinda raw actually! The wings were “Are these really buffalo wings? It’s like chicken drowned in sauce!“. Not to be mean (I know I already am) hahaha but it’s really funny that their “special sauce” is made up of ketchup and mayo. One thing, one thing that really stood out was the mozzarella sticks. Surprisingly, that was the only thing that I really liked. It’s not wow but it’s good. NOW the employees, let’s talk ’bout them, we know you’ve worked all day.. don’t put it out on your customers! When we’re asking nicely, answer back nicely with a smile! And we all paid at the counter (pay as you order policy), y’all were the ones who dint give the right change and receipts. And y’all dint want to apologize for your actions?! TAKE NOTE: They were the ones asking us to apologize. US, THE CUSTOMERS, WHO WERE NICE AND EXPLAINED WHAT THEY DID WRONG. GOD, I AM FURIOUS! Guess y’all can consider this as a bad bad review. Never going back to that place, EVER!
ps: I left a comment on their Facebook page and they deleted it.. and deleted me!
Might look yummy in the photos but it’s disgusting!
Woosah…. breathe. Hahaha! To brighten up this post a bit, Moonleaf Tea Shop (at Maginhawa St.) is a nice place where you can hang-out and talk with friends. Went there and the place was packed and full of positive energy, I LIKE! The cute bright interior is a plus too! Winter Melon Milk Tea is my new fave drink now! (: After some tea, we went to JP’s to chat some more.. Ken introduced us to his “yucktail” as Paula described it to be a mix of Red Horse beer and Emeprador Light. Dint get to taste it though cos I’m under antibiotics due to my minor surgery, got my 4 ear piercings stitched up. If you want yours to get done too, just let me know.. I’ll give you the number of my cosmetic surgeon. The procedure took only about 30mins and it’s pain-free! He has super gentle hands (:
So ye.. scroll down for the photos.