Cha Dao Tea Place

Was so excited when Pup told me that our neighbor is putting up a tea place across our office and it took them a week or less to build it (I think)! Galing lang sa bilis! It’s super convenient for me cos I don’t have to drive to Congressional to buy milk tea but instead just cross the street (ingat nga lang baka masagasaan :/).
Cha Dao offers healthy and delicious drinks made with brewed tea and infused with milk and/or fruit flavors. Or you can have it plain if you want. You can add sago, nata de coco, popping boba, etc. also for a unique and refreshing drink you will definitely love and crave for!
Now, I am no tea expert and what not and I haven’t tried everyone’s Wintermelon milk tea, ‘cept for Moonleaf’s and Gong Cha’s.. in fairness, I think it’s good and I like that it’s not too sweet like the ones I’ve tasted already. I am excited to try their other drinks as well.. I saw that they have peach and chai. Those two are my top favorites, and Thai tea of course! Sidetracked: I’m lucky that le boyf makes a mean Thai tea. Don’t need to go to Bangkok for a real one, cos we have a huge bag of authentic Thai tea that our friend got for us hihi.
To end this (supposed to be just a short) post: Since Visayas Ave. branch just opened, they’re offering a free upgrade of your drinks and a cookie as a soft opening promo from Dec. 16-22, 2011. So come and visit Cha Dao Tea Place now! (or the branch near you)



Ready to get Naked, again?

Yes, Urban Decay did it again! They’ve come out with Naked2! Another win or no? What do you guys think?

Comparison and Swatches

Naked (top) | Naked2 (bottom)
I think there’s not much of a difference between the two, personally, I like Naked more than Naked2 just cos Naked2 is all shimmer but the packaging, huge mirror, dual-ended brush and gloss are all great though! Overall, I don’t think I’d get this palette or need it since I’m already happy with my Naked palette. But for those who loves collecting Urban Decay palettes, I’m sure you won’t pass out on this one! This would make an awesome gift too. (:
(photos via Leesha XSPARKAGE and Karen MakeupAndBeautyBlog)
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Staple Lipstick

This is a blog response to Pika’s post.
I own a lot of MAC lipsticks but I’d say that my all time favorite would have to be Mocha (Satin). It is “peachy-yellow brown” as described by MAC with a creamy consistency and comes off very opaque, tends to look pink in certain lights though.. which is cool and pretty. I think it’s the perfect everyday lipstick for me cos it’s like my lips only better! It gives me a polished look even without make-up on and I love that MAC lipsticks are vanilla scented hihi!
Look how little it is.. It’s really loved lol!

What’s your favorite lipstick? Make a blog response!

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Bold Just Got Bolder

I can’t stop raving about my new phone on Twitter so here it is, the BlackBerry Bold Touch 9900!

Side by side with my old Bold 9000 (since 2008). You can see how damaged it is on the outside hihi. It was able to withstand dust, water and a 4-ft drop.. or more cos it sometimes flies in the air and bust open to the ground and parts are all over the place (ps: never went to a repair shop). Surprisingly it is still alive and working fine. That’s why I love it so much and waited for BlackBerry to come out with something awesome like it.. AND THEY DID!

Best of both worlds! Touch and Type!
Bold 9900(9930) finally offers some cutting-edge tech, and in an attractive package to boot but still keeping its classic luxurious design. Its 1.2GHz processor, high-spec touchscreen, brand new OS7 and HD video camera are all specs we never really expected a BlackBerry to have. Not to mention that it has the best keyboard ever! I love that they fused everything in the orignal Bold 9000 body but sleeker. Yes, there are not enough apps available but it is more focused on productivity and communication than wasting time. It’s the best BlackBerry I’ve ever seen and used. Period. Exclamation Point!
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A Milky & Sunny Sunday with Jamba Juice

Food Advenchurrrr with Pau and Ken at this new all-day breakfast and comfort food resto, Milky & Sunny! Need I say more? I do actually.. let’s do this quick tho cos it’s getting crazy here at the office.
So ye.. when you step in this little cute place you’ll instantly feel the coziness and smell the sweet scent of bacon and maple syrup! Hmm goodness, right! The chic and vintage vibe is so inviting plus it’s beside Moonleaf Tea which is super awesome! The food ain’t that bad, pretty good actually and priced reasonably too. I just wished they served the meals hot and on time; we waited like 30mins the least for our simple orders. And our servers weren’t that attentive that we have to follow-up every now and then and compute our own bill and hand it over at the cashier which kinda bummed us out.. other than that it’s all good! (:

After lunch, Carlo and I went to Jamba Juice!!! Perfect for the super sunny weather yesterday! Got Peach Pleasure cos I just love peach so much! It has peaches (of course), bananas, peach juice and orange sherbet! Very yummy and REFRESHING! Lav et! Then Carlo got the Protein Berry Workout, it’s a blend of strawberries, bananas, soy milk and Soy (or Whey) Protein Boost. Surprisingly I kinda liked his drink hihi.
Oh! Anne Curtis was there too with her friends and Jamba Juice Ambassador (and boyfriend) Erwan Heussaff. I was just in awe the entire time while waiting for my drink. She’s so beautiful! I was too shy to have my picture taken with her.. oh well.. More photos after this jump. Continue reading

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Big Bad Wolf

Last Saturday le boyf and I decided to eat at the newly opened resto Big Bad Wolf in Fort Bonifacio cos my sister said it’s a pretty nice place and the food is good (I bet cos of all the bacon in their menu lol). We got a coupon from Deal Dozen.. instantly the photos sold us cos the food looked yummy haha! And it’s always nice to try things.

The place was kinda hidden at the back of the building and made us feel like it’s a safe, secret place for everyone to hide out from the busy city. The ambiance and food were awesome! The potato skins is definitely our new favorite, nothing like Tender Bob’s thin potato skins (still love that tho). Love the interior too, very comfortable and cozy! More photos after this jump..

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Project Katipunan: Hassan Kabab and Steaks Shawarma

Carlo and I decided to dine and blog bout the restos along Katipunan and Katipunan Extension even if it’s turo-turo! We dub thee “Katipunan Project” (lame I know). This will be fun! And hopefully I gain a few pounds from it hahaha! First stop, HASSAN!
This little Persian and steak place is located along Katipunan Avenue beside the famous Country Side eatery (hmm made me miss their BBQ and Kalderetang Kambing!) so ye.. their food is pretty good ah! Cheap too! I love their yogurt shake and ox brain, it’s not malansa like the ones in Behrouz and Mister Kabab. But Behrouz’s koobideh and rice still wins talaga! Will go back to try their sizzling plates etc. and let you know what we think. With that, I’ll leave you with a few photos taken from my digicam.
Happy eating.. happy tummy y’all!

Basket full of condiments!