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I did it, again!

Had my hair trimmed a bit shorter at Studio Zen, Katipunan still. My friends and brother got their cut and color too by Mr. Pat. He is so good! Ask for Pat if you need a cut! (lol that rhymes!)

Sheer blouse: ZARA | Shorts: ZARA | Clutch: Balenciaga | Watch: Omega | Shoes: CMG

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I can’t believe I did it!

I LOVE MY NEW HAIR! Should I cut it shorter.. maybe after a month?

Coco needs a haircut too..

17inches off!

I took it home with me btw hahaha!

Thanks Ral for the heads up! (:

Katipunan Branch:
2nd Floor #325 Katipunan Avenue
Loyola Heights, Quezon City
tel. no. (02) 442-8004
Open: Monday – Sunday | 9am – 8pm
Cubao Branch:
870 Philam Life Bldg. Gen. Malvar
Araneta Center Cubao, Quezon City
tel. no. (02) 912-2427
Visit their site or Facebook page


Hair Problems

..well my hair isn’t really the problem. I’m just bored with it. It’s always been super long and now my parents told me that I look like a manang (old woman) I decided to get a trim the other night.. chopped 5inches off my locks!

YES, again, that’s my REAL hair color. I grateful that I’m blessed with such pretty hair color haha I don’t need to dye it or whatnot (: Now my hair is super fine and naturally curly like afro curly when I was a kid but idk what happened lol it does curl sometimes tho.. will post my baby photos when I find them. It’s somewhere hidden in the boxes.

 So ye… I decided to cut my hair short later for a change. Besides, it is just hair. It will grow back, right? Hihi that’s my “goodbye sex hair face” (more of I look stupid face)


So here are my short hairstyle picks:

Which will it be?

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Tipped Out

This is so cool.. I wanna dye my tips too! But mum will kill me lol! Click the link below for more info.
(via The Beauty Department)


Goody Spin Pins

Get that perfect bun every time with Goody Spin Pins! It’s easy to use too! Haven’t seen it here in Manila though.. please let me know when you do! (: