A Milky & Sunny Sunday with Jamba Juice

Food Advenchurrrr with Pau and Ken at this new all-day breakfast and comfort food resto, Milky & Sunny! Need I say more? I do actually.. let’s do this quick tho cos it’s getting crazy here at the office.
So ye.. when you step in this little cute place you’ll instantly feel the coziness and smell the sweet scent of bacon and maple syrup! Hmm goodness, right! The chic and vintage vibe is so inviting plus it’s beside Moonleaf Tea which is super awesome! The food ain’t that bad, pretty good actually and priced reasonably too. I just wished they served the meals hot and on time; we waited like 30mins the least for our simple orders. And our servers weren’t that attentive that we have to follow-up every now and then and compute our own bill and hand it over at the cashier which kinda bummed us out.. other than that it’s all good! (:

After lunch, Carlo and I went to Jamba Juice!!! Perfect for the super sunny weather yesterday! Got Peach Pleasure cos I just love peach so much! It has peaches (of course), bananas, peach juice and orange sherbet! Very yummy and REFRESHING! Lav et! Then Carlo got the Protein Berry Workout, it’s a blend of strawberries, bananas, soy milk and Soy (or Whey) Protein Boost. Surprisingly I kinda liked his drink hihi.
Oh! Anne Curtis was there too with her friends and Jamba Juice Ambassador (and boyfriend) Erwan Heussaff. I was just in awe the entire time while waiting for my drink. She’s so beautiful! I was too shy to have my picture taken with her.. oh well.. More photos after this jump. Continue reading