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Limited Edition Polaroid SX-70

AHHHH! I WANT THIS! Or this. And this too.

The original Polaroid SX-70 camera lovingly restored to perfect working condition! (by our pals at ::MINT:: Hong Kong) Each model sold was made circa 1972-1977.

It folds flat to carry and pops open to take instant photos. So smart.

PX 100 instant film will make dreamy prints with your new SX-70.

P is for Polaroid. The original, wondrous, never-to-be-topped SX-70. The first folding SLR, the first camera to take integral instant film, only made up until 1977.
P is for Pretty. OMG the design! Who makes cameras this gorgeous anymore?! Sleek, well-built, folds flat to carry, pops up to take instant photos.
P is for Pristine. Condition, that is. Lovingly restored so it works perfectly when it gets to you. Promise. (Betcha won’t find that on eBay.)
P is for Possible Of course you can still get film! The amazineers at the Impossible Project are coming up with new flavors of Polaroid film all the time. And we sell it right here in the Photojojo Shop.
P is for Pal. The adorable kids at ::MINT:: make it their mission to find Polaroid cameras and bring them back to life. It was love at first sight when we met them in Hong Kong.
P is for Packaging. The illustrious, scrumptacular Kate Bingman Burt made gorgeous boxes for this limited edition of cameras.
P is for Perfect! It’s gorgeous. A living icon. Can you really resist it?
*116mm f/8 lens; f8 to f22 aperture | manual focus: 10″ to infinity | shutter speeds from 1/175th to 10+ seconds | batteries are integrated into each film pack so the camera doesn’t need batteries!
*SX-70 Polaroid Camera retails for $290.00 | PX 100 Instant film (8 exposures) $22.00 -pricey for me but I think it is definitely worth it!!!