Bottoms and Eye Flutters

Collective haul over the week.

Topshop jeans and Zara leggings that I got on sale for Php 995!

Landmark beauty section: lashes, mascara, lip stain, zit popper and eye fold tapes!

I used to have those Sanrio eye fold tapes back in grade school, now it’s back and cheaper too! Says in the picture that I can apply makeup over it.. let’s see if it’s any good.

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Sorry I wasn’t able to finish my V-day makeup series :( but ye.. nothing too fancy happened last Valentine’s, just had dinner at le boyf’s house with his family. Chef Carlo prepared a simple salad, creamy pumpkin soup, mashed potatoes with truffle mushroom sauce, steak (so big and cooked to perfection, just the way I like it -medium rare) and Cheesecake Factory cheesecake for dessert!

I guess you can say my heart and tummy was so full that night! (:

And that’s Benito, super big baby boy!